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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update On Me and 2010 so far...

Well, here I am again feeling kind of bad for not having kept up this blog . I am going to try to do a better job. It's not like anyone's reading it but then I don't just blog/journal for others, its supposed to be for me too...

It's Feburary, and 2010 is well underway. I've not made any hard fast resolutions for this new year but I have some areas I want to improve on in my life, as well as some things i want to get rid of as far as bad  habits and some things I want to impliment into my life.
 I am still seeing Anna, for therapy every monday evening and that has really helped me make it so far through the winter.  Winter is so hard for me just because there are a lot of bad/hard memories that are from that time of the year through out my life and those come up a lot more in the winter and fall more than spring and summer. Also the fact that  winter is a time when life is slower paced and  we are forced to be indoors and less active in the winter gives me more idle time and that is not a good thing for me.  Idle time brings memories and time to ponder them and depression sets in even stronger in the winter .  Surfice it to say, I really hate winter and wish that Spring was here already.  With Anna's help, I've made it so far but to be honest, its really an uphill battle and it's grueling emotionally and physically for me.
We have had so much snow that I've been doing therapy by phone sessions instead of office visits.   Although those are a great alternative, I really do miss the office visits because I feel freer to talk since my kids are usually lurking around in the house and distractions are more apt over the phone than in one, on one  in office sessions with no kids around and very little outside distractions.
I'm currently looking for a new place to live  and I really do not enjoy house hunting. We need to move ASAP because of  structural problems with this house and its mega  frustrating to try to find just the right place for a  family with ADHD kids.   Believe me apartment living isnt possible with the amount of activity in this house!! With two severe level ADHD kids it's just never quiet until they are  asleep and that won't do in apartment living.  I want to find a house or trailer out on a lot that isn't in a neighborhood One  that has woods near by that the kids can explore  with  space for them to run and play with out neighbors and restrictions on noise levels. I think I'm kidding myself thinking that the right place is going to come along..   It just hasn't been easy to find what I want and i am afraid we will have to settle and not be happy in the new place.......crossing my fingers that we won't have to settle for something we aren't comfortable living in. Home is pretty much my only safe place and I'm not looking forward to everyone having to adjust to a new place but that is temporary and will resolve eventually.  I amgetting used to a new director at work and so far that has been the easies but the one I have  been the most anxious over.  My new boss is great! She's waay younger than most of us who work there but she seems to really be enjoying the new responsabilities and really wants to have  open lines of communication with all the teachers and staff..  She seems fairly even tempered , in a good mood most of the time.  I'm not sure how much it takes to rufflle her feathers and that's not soemthing I want to find out soon either. Okay, so far I'm survuving the winter and thats a good thing right? I guess I need to find something constructive and close out this entry .It's way longer than I intended but anyway.....that's an update...........later  :O)